Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doll Tents on Etsy

I love my doll tent, mine is an Our Generation one I got from my sister who found it at Zellers here in Canada but I always admire the handmade ones I see on Etsy, here are some of the ones  Etsy has to offer for our 18 inch dolls.
Over at Twice loved dolls this fun set is offered at $58 and includes
"This sale includes this enormous tent - it comfortably fits 2 dolls! The tent is easily set up and easily taken down. It can be closed up so the boys can have privacy, or it can be opened up with ribbon tie backs. This tent has a pirate theme - arrrrgh matey! The tent is crafted out of 100% cotton fabric, so once the tent poles are out, it can be easily laundered. It also comes with the matching "mummy style" sleeping bag and pillow, crafted out of the same fabric. This tent will provide lots of fun play time!" Click here for shop listing
Over at Erin's Corner Etsy shop this adorable set offered at $49  "Each tent is loving hand made and has screened Windows and doors. The doors have velcro closures and tie backs and the windows have flaps that can either be left down or rolled up. The tents are supported by 2 4 1/2 ft lengths of plastic tubing that can be easily removed for storage, transportation, or light washing." Click here for shop listing
Over at My Girl Clothing Co this Red and Taupe Tent is sure to impress your doll loving boy or girl click here for shop listing

If you want to try making your own tent from the now out of print Simplicity Pattern I actually found one on Etsy, offered at $48 from Oh Sew Charming . If you want to try your hand at creating your own set click here for shop listing.

Now if you do not sew and still want to make a tent check out the one I made for Doll Diaries  by clicking here
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